Monday, March 31, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills

For many years, I have been a die hard fan of MAC's Spiked pencil and their Penultimate Brow Marker.  I can honestly say that I still hold those items close to my heart BUT I have discovered something WAY better!  I am achieving a natural brow with one product and the selling point for me was that it lasted hours and I had no problems with this fading in the pool.

Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade held up beautifully during my trip to Mexico in February.  My husband and I spent hours in the pool, ocean and under the sun.  I truly believed that this product would completely come off and I was pleasantly surprised.  I won't lie to you and say that it was 100 percent on but the fading that happened was very subtle and I still managed to look like I had brows on.  

As you can see in my picture, my brows are thin, light and sparse.  Without anything, I look like I have no brows on and I look...bad.  I am very happy and while some people say this is not a product for every day use, I disagree.  I love it and use it daily.

I recommend that you practice with this product before making it a part of your daily routine.  In the beginning, I had difficulty with the texture because it's creamy and inky.  If you dip your brush into the product and wipe some on your hand you will have enough to fill your brow in.  What I tend to do is get a good amount of product and line my lower brow.  Once I have my outline I then blend the product up into my brow.  Once my brow is filled in I touch up with additional product to get the desired shading.  As you can see the product makes my brows look soft and natural.  For 18 dollars, you're getting a ton of product and I can see this lasting me several months.  I highly recommend the product.

P.S.  The color I use is dark brown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Image Skincare Line

At the beginning of September I started having some issues with my skin.  I started to have under the skin break out around my chin, sides of my face and also nose.  It was definitely visible under my makeup and I wanted to clear it up before my wedding. 

I found a Groupon (good ol' Groupon!) for a facial, chemical peel and microdermabracion.  It was exactly waht I needed.  The esthitician I met with was not only very informative but she was also attentive to my questions and concerns.  In the past, I have had these same type of skin issues and have always resorted to microdermabracion or a chemical peel.  Being that I was a week away from my wedding being able to do both was a perk!

The skincare line she used to treat my face was something that smelled fresh...not like chemicals.  It felt like it was strong enough to do the job but also very gentle on my skin.  I started asking questions and I learend about a sknincare line called Image.  She told me that this was the skincare line that all Ms. America beauty contestants used and she proceed to tell me about the line.

I purchased a travel size kit that included many of the producst she used. I paid 25 dollars for a day cream, anti aging serum, repair cream, cleanser, and a more intense night cream.  I loved the product and see changes in my skin.  I have noticed that my skin is balanced and that it is not as dry as it was.  I have also found that my skin looks healthier and not dull.  A huge concern I had was my under eye area.  I was super dry and the fine lines were extra visible.  I did purchase the ageless MAX eye cream from her and paid the regular price.  Let's just say it was slightly over 40 dollars.  It is a large amount of product considering that you don't need much of the product.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchases.  After using the line for a month I would encourage you guys to buy the day moisturizer with SPF 30, the eye cream and the Image Hydrating Repair Creme.  Thsi line is a little pricier than I normally spend BUT my skin is worth the investment!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Laura Mercier Spellbound

Who doesn't love a great highlight?  For my daily makeup look I like to keep my makeup as simple as possible.  Being that my look is typically neutral, a highlight is a must!  I love my highlighter and if I could bathe in it...I probably would!

My current obsession is Laura Mercier's Spellbound powder highlight!  It looks amazing on the skin, it blends beautifully and does not look powdery.  Prior to Spellbound, I was using MAC's Whisper of Guilt.  I still love this highlighter and while it looks amazing it also looks very dramatic.  Don't get me wrong ladies...I love how dramatic it is BUT the rose gold finish of Laura Mercier's Spellbound looks subtler.  I like to apply this highlighter with a fan brush but lately I have been using my NARS Yachiyo Kabuki brush.

I would highly encourage you ladies to get your hands on it and buy a back up!  If you own this let me know what you're thoughts are on this gorgeous product!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion Dry to Very Dry Skin

Ladies and Gents,

Do you have dry skin?  Is your skin so itchy and flaky that you can't fathom the thought of showing some skin?  I know that's how I was feeling back in October!  Here in Chicago, our weather is bipolar. My skin is typically dry over the fall and winter but this year for whatever reason it was the worst!  I looked like a snake that was shedding and my legs itched so bad that I would scratch myself like a mad woman!  I couldn't bare the thought of cuddling with my honey with my rough and patchy legs!

I began my hunt for a cure.  I searched for several drugstore alternatives and tried Eucerin, Dove, Cetaphil, Vaseline, and Neutrogena.  After months of trying product after product I found my answer.  I discovered Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion Dry to Very Dry Skin.  This moisturizer retails around $7.00 and can be purchased at any drugstore.  This body lotion is thin but potent.  It has a slight scent but it's not overbearing.

As soon as I began using this product, I felt instant relief.  My skin felt smoother, hydrated and soft.  My skin also appeared to be glowy and no longer dull.  This product dries quickly and absorbs into the skin leaving skin soft and healthy looking.  I have noticed a change in my skin and I do believe that this body lotion deeply moisturizes my skin.  I would highly encourage anyone with dry skin to try this moisturizer and commit to applying it daily.  You will notice results immediately.

Viviscal Hair Growth Program

My entire life, my hair has been fine and thin.  Recently, I have started freaking out because my hair started drastically falling out.  I was losing hair every time I brushed, showered or even just styled my  hair.  I know hair fall out is normal but for me I suddenly noticed a that I was losing more hair than normal.

On my mom's side of the family, the women tend to thin out in the front.  I am not sure if it was paranoia on my end, but I did notice that my hair was looking thinner in the front.  I asked my stylist what she recommended for hair loss and she started telling me about Viviscal.

Viviscal is a product specifically designed to promote hair growth and results are not immediate.  This product is not a miracle product that will give you a luscious mane!  In all reality, the change that I noticed after using it for a few weeks was that my hair was no longer dull looking; it had shine.

I purchased 2 of the 3 months supply on and this specific program required me to take 2 tablets a day.  After now using the product for 5 months, I have noticed that my hair is not falling out as much, appears healthier and feels slightly thicker.  I still feel that the front of my hair is thinner than the rest of my hair but I have noticed some changes.

Viviscal is a pricey product that does require you to be consistent.  If you're not consistent the product will not be as effective.  Viviscal is a pricey product but definitely worth the investment.  I recommend shopping on amazon for better deals.

I hope this will help other thinning heads!  :)

Peace, Love and Makeup!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Out The Door Top Coat VS. Seche Vite

Who doesn't love a glossy finish that will dry fast?  I have been using Seche Vite Top Coat for over a year and have wanted to try Out The Door Top Coat because I have heard great things about it.  Unfortunately, this is not a product that I love and I regret purchasing it.

I bought this item on and it was $4.95.  It definitely leaves my nails glossy and it dries faster than most top coats BUT it does not beat my Seche Vite.  I also find that when I use my Out The Door Top Coat my nail polish chips faster, feels thinner and it does take a few minutes for my nail polish to dry.    

Seche Vite retails for $7.99 on and the price difference could be the deal breaker for some but I can tell you that my experience with Seche Vite has been nothing but amazing.  My nails are glossy, my polish lasts longer and I feel that the actual product hardens my nails.  I would personally rather spend the extra bucks on something that will increase the longevity of my polish.

I know that some will have a positive experience with Out The Door Top Coat, I am simply expressing my own personal experience.  I believe that for me, the winner is Seche Vite.  I hope this has inspired you to try something new.  Peace, Love and Makeup!  


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dove Dry Shampoo

I have thin and straight hair.  An issue that I have experienced in the past is that my hair tends to get oily and limp.  To be specific, if I wash my hair Monday morning by Tuesday morning my bangs are sticking to my forehead!  Ok... Ok, I am exaggerating.  In reality, my bangs are not sticking to my forehead but they are sticking together and separating.  For those of you who suffer from oily, thin and limp know what I'm talking about.  ;)

I have tried several drug store dry shampoos and while they smell amazing they don't help my cause.  Dove dry shampoo retails for under 5 dollars and has a clean scent to it.  I find that the texture of the dry shampoo is a little thicker and powdery.  This does not mean that when applied you look like you've aged drastically over night.  When applied to your hair, the product is light and will not leave a white overlay.  It blends well and adds volume and texture to your hair.

I like to wash my hair and let it air dry.  When I'm ready for bed, I will lightly spray my hair with the dry shampoo so that it absorbs the oil over night and it will also shake out during my beauty sleep. In the morning, I will spray my bangs in the morning and if needed will spray my hair again.  After 2nd day hair I don't really need to keep applying the dry shampoo because the consistency of the product upholds.  I have found that my best hair day has now become day 3!  :)   The texture my hair has after 3 days is not greasy and it has enough hold to create voluminous curls and volume!

I love this product and I hope this has inspired you to try Dove's dry shampoo!  Peace, Love and Makeup!